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Does modeling effect real-world jobs?

20140121_015234_ModelBreakingThe reason of this topic is because recent, our good friend Kaitlin “Kaity” Pearson, a prospective model within the model scene as well as the automotive scene, has recently been receiving a lot of negative comments regarding her recent incident. Kaity, as mentioned previously, is an up-and-coming model, but outside of her modeling career she worked as a special ed aide within the Fitchburg, MA school district. She was placed on paid administrative leave when an anonymous package with several of her modeling photos were sent to the school. The school did not previously know that Kaity had a modeling career on the side, and upon finding out, have felt that they should look deeper into the story for whether or not she is qualified to continue teaching.

Our opinions:

We feel that this is situation is ridiculous. Kaity is very professional with her work, and bluntly states that any shoots are to be paid and complete in a professional manor. She also states that she WILL NOT pose fully nude in photos, and that she also has a boyfriend in which her pages are not seeking the attention for dating.

All of us here at Nething Cars are great friends with Kaity! She is very professional in and out of her modeling career, and she is very fun and outgoing to be around! When it comes to business, she keeps it like that: clean cut and professional.

You can read one of the news articles here.

What we want to know is, do you feel that she should be fired from her job over something like this? Or do you feel she should? Please feel free to leave some comments below so we could hear how exactly you feel about this situation, and whether or not the school made the right decision.

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